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A and S Sports (Seymour Bemzweig) (New York)

A and S Sports (Seymour Bemzweig)
825 Carman Ave
Westbury, New York 11590
Phone : 516-414-4323
Email : Visit Website
Our business history:

A&S SPORTS has been in business for over 20 years.

Shop location: 825 Carman Ave. Westbury, NY 11590. Contact us at 516-414-4323 or by emial at

You can also meet us at many of the industry trade shows across the Eastern Tri-State area. Many famous players have stopped by to chat or buy from us. Yes...that's Don Mattingly stopping by to say hi.

What makes us unique:

Our company ships fast! Our prices are very competetive. But the main reason our customers are so satisfied is because the odds of getting the most valuable cards are so much higher when boxes are purchased from us. Why? We sell boxes and packs and don't open any. This allows you to get all the best cards when you open our packs! Many other dealers open packs till they get the really good cards to sell as singles, then sell you the rest of the packs or boxes which no longer contain anything impressive. This never happens at A&S SPORTS. We want you to be HAPPY and come back to us!
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