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Sportsworld Specialties (Dan Means) (Pennsylvania)

Sportsworld Specialties (Dan Means)
645 Smithfield St.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222
Phone : 412-232-3343
Email : Visit Website

Sports World Specialties was established in 1990. We are the largest retailer of sports  memorabilia in Western Pennsylvania. In  addition we are the only store in the Pittsburgh area that features unique  items from the early 1900's through present day. Our extensive inventory  includes thousands of collectibles for personal unique gifts, personal  collections, and auction items for charitable events.

Owner Dan Means has been a collector himself since the early  1970's. His extraordinary personal Clemente  collection is on display in the store  He  is on-site during all business hours and is available for all appraisals,  sales, and trades. He takes great pride  in his vast knowledge of all memorabilia, specifically Pittsburgh related  items. Any serious sports memorabilia collector would be hard pressed to leave  without finding a must-have item for their collection.