Autograph Authentication Service Products For Your Signed Memorabilia


JSA Letter of Authenticity (LOA) – the Gold Standard

Maximize the value and interest of your signed collectible with our James Spence Authentication Letter of Authenticity (LOA). Highly sought after by collectors, dealers and hobbyists alike, our LOA is given to any item that passes our stringent authentication process. It is accepted by all major auction houses in the country and is viewed as the Gold Standard of verification when displaying your prized collectible or offering it for sale.


The JSA Letter of Authenticity (LOA) features an inset image of the item and has been signed by autograph expert James Spence in the presence of a licensed notary public. The LOA also contains additional customized data such as quantity of signatures, manufacturer, writing implement, type and/or model of the item. A certification label is placed on the item or letter (customer preference) with the corresponding number appearing on the LOA.  Any item with JSA perceived value of over $200 being submitted through our authentication process is required to receive our Letter of Authenticity.


There are other possible results your memorabilia may receive after JSA’s authenticators examine it thoroughly:


  • Letter of Opinion (LOO) --This is a rejection letter indicating the autograph has not met the requirements as defined by our experts. The LOO states that it is the experts’ consensus opinion the autograph is of questionable authenticity. The LOO also provides specific details and reasons why our experts reached this conclusion, such as inconsistencies or irregularities evident within the signature.


  • Clubhouse Letter (CH) –There are occasions when autographed memorabilia is actually signed by someone else non-maliciously. These non-malicious signers are referred to as “ghost signers” and can refer to anyone such as a batboy, secretary, clubhouse personel/attendants, or in some cases other family members signing on behalf of the signer. A customized JSA "Clubhouse" letter will be written to identify the difference between these non-malicious (ghost-signed) examples and the actual autographs. This is similar to a “secretarial signature" which are often associated with through the mail memorabilia from the entertainment or political arenas.  


Inconclusive Letter (INC) – In rare cases, a clear conclusion as to an autograph's authenticity is unable to be determined. Even after extensive review, it is not possible for the authenticators to reach a consensus with any level of confidence; therefore, no opinion can be rendered. If your submitted item falls into this category, a credit voucher is issued for the full amount of the fee, which can be used towards a future submission.

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Basic Cert

Certificate of Authenticity

Our basic certification / certificate of authenticity is popular among dealers and collectors. Basic certification employs

the same valued authentication process as our LOA but is used to verify autographed

items of lower value (JSA discretionary value of under $200.00).


Basic certification is not witnessed by a notary and is not accompanied with an image or full, customized description like our Letter of Authenticity. Your certificate of authenticity includes a 3" x 5" James Spence Authentication registration card with a unique certification number that corresponds to the alpha-numeric tamper evident label. Each certification number is uploaded into our exclusive database for 24-hour customer verification access. Submission fees range from $20 to $30.

You can upgrade your certificate of authenticity to a letter of authenticity for just $25 per item.


Dealers or collectors with large inventories/collections should inquire about our discounted rate and/or our house calls program by sending an email to or


The Witnessed Protection

The Witnessed Protection Program (WPP)
Promoters and dealers love our Witnessed Protection Program because of its high level of signature verification. One of our representatives sits right next to the athlete or celebrity who is signing in order to witness and validate the signature at shows, conventions and signing events. This eyewitness program removes any doubt that the items you buy and sell are authentic.






Additional Services


"And When I Die..." - Personal Statement of Final Wishes

As collections grow and autographed memorabilia become part of personal estates, there is another aspect to our role as autograph authenticators—that of counselors to heirs regarding collections. JSA offers consulting services regarding the circumstances and options surrounding a collection of any size. “And When I Die,” a simple statement of intent, can be prominently placed in the forefront of your collection, instructing heirs that James Spence will counsel them on fair market value, authenticity, and measures to properly distribute the property. Since we are not in the business to buy and sell, we perform this service as a neutral third party with no conflict of interest. Simply sign the form and send a copy to the offices of James Spence Authentication, LLC to protect your best interest (and your collection) by a proven company that cares.

Appraisal Letter

Predominantly used for insurance and estate purposes, JSA will generate an appraisal letter for a single item, based on our authentication, for a fee of $50. The appraisal states the approximate market value of your item in its current condition and is generally for items worth at least $100. We also offer free verbal appraisals (non-binding).

For an appraisal rate on entire (JSA authenticated only) collection or inventory, please contact a JSA representative at either one of our office locations for a quote at NJ: (973) 898-1300 or / FL: (954) 380-8670 or




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