Providing the best Autograph Authentication Services

Benefits included with every JSA authenticated item:


  • JSA Letter's of Authenticity are guaranteed to be accepted by all collectors, dealers, and auction houses worldwide, or your submission fee will be reimbursed.
  • JSA is an 592012123820eBay.jpgapproved autograph authenticator. 
  • Increased value and a confident buyer for faster sale of autographed memorabilia.
  • JSA's extensive autograph exemplar database is second to none in the autograph industry.
  • Peace of mind that your memorabilia is deemed authentic and ready to be sold, passed along to a family member, or cherished forever.
  • Secure, virtually impossible to replicate proprietary watermark JSA Letter of Authenticity with corresponding high-resolution image and a unique alpha-numeric certification sticker.  


  • Quick and simple online confirmation of your JSA certification number.
  • All JSA Letters of Authenticity are fully transferable without resubmission.
  • JSA's services are utilized by more major auction houses than any other autograph authentication company in the world including:

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