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 JSA- The Leader in Autograph Authentication


At James Spence Authentication – we’re the leader in autograph authentication worldwide. Our unparalleled knowledge, expertise and keen eye for detail goes into every authentication transaction we perform. James Spence Jr. and his team of authentication experts are sought after by auction houses, dealers and private collectors around the globe.

JSA’s reputation among auction houses, dealers and collectors is the main reason JSA's services are utilized by more major auction houses than any other autograph authentication company in the world. Our company’s extensive autograph exemplar database and team’s expertise in authenticating autographs are second to none in the industry.

Benefits of Your JSA Authenticated Memorabilia:

  • Guaranteed acceptanceJSA Letters of Authenticity are guaranteed to be accepted by all collectors, dealers, and auction houses worldwide, or your submission fee will be reimbursed. All JSA Letters of Authenticity are fully transferable without resubmission, which saves you valuable time and money.
  • Faster sale – Our authentication increases your item’s value resulting in higher buyer confidence and a faster sale.
  • Peace of mind – You’ll be confident knowing your autographed memorabilia is deemed authentic and ready to be sold, passed along to a family member, or cherished forever as the real deal.
  • Security – JSA provides a secure, proprietary watermark on our JSA Letter of Authenticity that is virtually impossible to replicate. Each Letter of Authenticity comes with a corresponding high-resolution image and a unique alpha-numeric certification sticker. 
  • Convenience – Collectors can quickly and easily get online confirmation of your JSA certification number.

Approved by ebay -- JSA is an approved 107201471553592012123820eBay.jpg autograph authenticator. 

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