Treasure your prized athletes early autographs with JSA's premier service, Signature Debut!  Every collector seeks an older style signature of their favorite athlete before they become a superstar.  Take advantage of this new, exclusive service before your anticipated prospect becomes a legend!


How Signature Debut Works


Any autographed item received by JSA prior to the athlete's very last official game (includes playoffs/championship game) of their professional rookie season, may be submitted under the Signature Debut service.  Please note, there are Signature Debut Qualifications that will apply to each sport as the rules in each sport are different.



At this time, Signature Debut is available only for the four major professional sports:








 *Please keep in mind Signature Debut is also available for any athlete still in college / minor leagues etc, but will not be available for any athlete that has officially completed his/her rookie season of their MLB/NFL/NHL/NBA professional career.

How do I submit an item for Signature Debut?

 Available at all locations, including both office locations, Fort Lauderdale, FL & Parsippany, NJ.Signature Debut service is available at both office locations, Fort Lauderdale, FL and Parsippany, NJ.  

Please note that most WPP events will not have Signature Debut available at the event, otherwise mentioned.


Will there be an additional fee involved for Signature Debut?

This is the best part!   Signature Debut is available at no additional cost!  


Signature Debut COA / Letter of Authenticity

Any item submitted through JSA's Signature Debut service, valued over $200, will require our Letter of Authenticity vs the Signature Debut COA, which will be applied to any item valued under $200 (JSA discretion)