House Calls (Personal On-Site Authentication)

Eligible Submitters
  • Auction Houses, Dealers, Private Collectors, Estate Collections
  • Up to an eight (8) hour day of personalized and confidential autograph authentication at your home, office, warehouse, memorabilia shop, or at our New Jersey/Florida facilities (prorated therefore).
  • Thirty-five (35) James Spence Authentication Letters of Authenticity (LOA), Letters of Regret (LOR); or a combination of Basic Certification and/or Stamp of Approvals.
  • A reduced Basic Certification fee for large inventories will be determined depending on the quantity and value mix of the merchandise.
  • Items and their certification numbers will be registered on the James Spence Authentication website for public verification.
  • Value-adding James Spence Authentication Letters of Authenticity are guaranteed to be accepted by all major auction houses/dealers or your authentication fee is reimbursed.
  • Unlimited verbal authentications (not binding without a James Spence Authentication LOA).
  • Verbal appraisals on individual pieces at no charge, or formal documentation at an additional $50 fee for each signed item.
  • We will accept any autographed or raw gum cards on behalf of Beckett for encapsulation and/or autograph/card grading at discounted bulk rates.
  • Per diem fee of $2500 payable upon completion of session
  • Air travel coach class ticket(s) or 55 cents/mile roundtrip if deemed drivable
  • Roundtrip airport taxi fares or car rental to your facility (please e-mail directions)
  • Double occupancy hotel accommodations for length of stay
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